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For them, us &

the planet.

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our values

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Providing sustainable essentials we don’t just look at one aspect of the supply chain. We try to include most of the elements. Which might sound overwhelming? But it doesn't have to be! They are all very much linked together and usually one affects the other.

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why sanana

Sanana is not here just to provide environmental or ethical essential products. Sanana is here to assist in educating you on what are the better options for you, other people and the earth. We do this by giving as much background on a supply chain of a product as possible and with our grading system. So you can see for yourself! We also have a blog that we will be frequently posting on to share our knowledge and findings. 

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on the move

This is mostly to eliminate the use of single-use items and materials, especially plastic. Having quality reusable items that can help us get around without using something once and throwing it away. 


wellness &


It is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy which means creating time for exercise, mindfulness and learning how to create a more positive lifestyle. 

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toiletries &

self care

Caring for our bodies hygiene and health means avoiding nasty chemicals such as GMO cotton/plastic tampons or chemically filled deodorants with single-use plastic containers. Instead, we can look at less harsh quality products that look after you and the planet.

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grading system

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So what is our grading chart and how does it work? From our core values, we have produced an evaluation for products to be scored against 6 main marking sections. We do this so not only is the product more trustworthy for you but hopefully it can also assist you in learning more yourself.

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home &


Is essential to keep your home, clothes, yourself and family in a safe environment. A lot of cleaning products include extreme chemicals, single-use materials that cannot biodegrade. So we are here to bring more natural and safer options for yourself and our planet! After all the earth is our home!

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